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Which bed do I need?

An investment around the bedroom should better not be made on a whim, but connected to an honest decision-making process. It does not hurt to include personal quirks. Many people now use the bed as a specific retreat. Then it has to be so flexible and solid that it can be eaten, telephoned, read or relaxed to your heart's content.

Which bed do I need?

When it comes to finding the right bed, there are three basic criteria that must be taken into account, and equally important, whether a bed frame is suitable for a person.

  • the physique of the person
  • the spatial possibilities
  • the character of the person

Selecting the right place to sleep is crucial when it comes to effective regeneration of body and mind after a grueling day. In the first step, it helps to identify the required category of bed that suits you and your physical needs.

Beds for tall people

Very tall people make special demands on their sleeping place. In a standard bed of 200 cm, it is often not possible to fully extend his limbs. Inevitably, a restraint is taken, which in the medium to longer term can lead to postural damage and other complaints. Generally, the rule of thumb applies:

Body size + 20 cm = length of the lying surface

For this reason, most bedsteads are also available in the over lengths 210 cm and 220 cm. So, big people do not have to compromise on choosing their bed of choice.

Beds for heavy people

Particularly heavy people, in turn, enjoy more freedom in an XXL bed. Such bedsteads are designed extremely robust and thus see even larger loads calmly counter. Please note, however, that you must optimize all components of the sleeping area to the necessary weight range.

Beds for seniors

Seniors appreciate the easy entry and exit in an ergonomically adapted bed frame with increased seating position. Here there are models with particularly high bedsides, which make the evening bedtime and getting up in the morning particularly back-friendly. Elevated head and foot sections ensure that the bedding cannot slip and always stays in place. With bed you should also buy mattress from good mattress.